Sunday, March 31, 2013

And so it begins . . .

Trisha's last day at work was Monday, and after working feverishly to get loaded up, we pulled out of Cherry Log Thursday afternoon.  Got to Pensacola Beach late that night, since we had several stops to make but were glad we kept on when we were able to wake up right on the beach Friday morning! It's glorious weather here, hot enough to get some rays, but lots of cool breezes make it quite pleasant.  Our campground is on the bay side of the island, but just a short walk across the road puts us on the Gulf beach.  We've been just relaxing with walks, beach time, lots of naps and just recovering from the feverish pace of Trisha's winding up her work and getting the RV loaded for 7 months on the road.  That took lots more time and energy than we had anticipated, so it's been nice to just do nothing.  Yesterday on the beach lots of people wanted pictures with Santa on vacation--much fun!  This morning we were on the beach to watch a glorious sunrise, then Trisha led the two of us in our own sunrise service, with the resurrection story from John, quotes from Barbara Brown Taylor, and an Easter prayer by Walter Bruegemann--hard to beat that!

We're clearly on a learning curve re:  how best to do this RV thing--finding out what we should have packed, and what we should have left behind, but we'll pick it up.  I was glad to have finished the modifications I did to make HappyX2 more storage space efficient, and we're beginning to settle into our routines of how to arrange things, etc.  Had a funny incident on Friday--we found a cabinet shop to make some adjustments to our pantry roll out drawers, but since it was about closing time the man asked if we could come back at 8:00 the next morning for him to finish it.  Since I was in the mindset of doing this a few times while still in Cherry Log, I agreed to the early hour, thinking that, like at home, I could just get up and take the RV while Trisha stayed home sleeping in. Of course, now that we're on the road, "home" IS the RV!  Hated to get her up and going so early in the first few days of retirement, but she was a trooper!

We'll leave here tomorrow, but found an open site at Ft. Pickens National Park campground, and since Teddy, Trisha's favorite UPS driver from home had talked about this being his all time favorite campground, we decided to stay a little longer here before heading farther west.

Hopefully soon I can figure out this blogger business enough to post some pics, but for now, things are off to a pretty good start!


  1. Indeed-- great first post! Sounds like you're both off to a great start on your trip. Happy Easter!

  2. Lynne, thanks for your kind words! We're so excited to be doing this, and I can't say enough how much you've helped, with all your blogging and your responses to my questions. Most importantly is the inspiration to get healthier with our eating. It's truly a new day for us and you get many kudos for showing us the way!