Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Goose Island State Park, TX

Short post tonight, folks.  We both woke up quite early this morning and, since the forecast for our route from Breaux Bridge to Texas was pretty cloudy and overcast, we just decided to hit the road early.  When we were looking at the website for this state park in Lamar, TX it looked really interesting, but we were not sure we would make it in a day, but leaving early as we did, we made it here by 4:30, so that was good.  It was a rather long day of driving; haven't done one of these since the first day we hit the road, and will definitely try to do this infrequently.  Pretty tired when we go in, but so glad we came on and got here.  We are in Goose Island State Park in Lamar, TX, near Rockport and not too far from Corpus Christi.  Ended up driving on I-10 for most of the way, and interstate driving is much more boring than the smaller roads we've been taking for the most part.  All our neighbors back home will get a kick out of where we're staying, since our neighborhood in Cherry Log is called Goose Island.  So far we've seen lots more pelicans than geese, but it's quite an impressive park.  We have a spot right on the bay, and the water is literally about 20 feet from the View--great spot, just hope the water stays below the seawall!  It is quite windy and overcast, so no real view of the sunset.  After we got hooked up, we relaxed a bit, had supper and then took a walk down to the end of this little spit of land and out on a long fishing pier the park has built.  It's really nice for fisher people; they have pvc pipe holders for poles all up and down the pier, several cleaning tables, and one with a faucet to rinse off the fish when cleaned.  Since it's so windy and overcast, it's a little cool, but the forecast for tomorrow is for a high of 81.  Right now it's hard to imagine it will be that warm, but hopefully we'll see some sun.  This is a wildlife preserve and there are guided birder walks each morning so we're looking forward to that.  There's also something called the Big Tree--it's 35' in circumference.  We'll go see that tomorrow, too--all my friends who grew up in Ocala will get a kick out of that!  Remember the Big Tree guys??

Anyway, no pics tonight as we were driving for most of the day.  We thought about taking the camera on our walk after supper, but out on the pier the wind was so strong, I was worried it might rip the camera out of my hands, so we'll hope for better weather tomorrow.

Couple of corrections to my post from last night--Trisha read it this morning and found a typo:  the swamp tour was a little over 2 hours, not 22!  And I kept referring to one of the bird species as the roseate platipus, and it's actually the roseate spoonbill.

Anyway, that's all for tonight folks--gonna hit the hay early, and listen to the sound of the wind and surf as I drift off to sleep!

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  1. Take a picture of the "Big Tree"! I remember the tree in Ocala, however, only saw it from the road. Wonder if it is around these days.

    Looked the park up and wish I was there to fish.