Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lafayette, LA

Wow, last night in Bay St. Louis was something else--around midnight it started storming, with incredible rain and high winds.  We were rocking so much it felt like we were on a boat.  At one point we even considered pulling in the slide out the winds were so high.  It did this for the rest of the night and until about 9:00 this morning.  One good thing is that we made it through the fiercest rain we've ever experienced with no leaks at all!  Big relief there.  This morning, after we were up but before the storm subsided, we were sitting at the dinette table playing cards, Trisha facing the back of the RV, where she could see out the bathroom window on the rear of the unit.  All of a sudden a bolt of lightning struck with the thunder almost immediately--Trisha said she thought it hit the ground just behind our unit.  It was a bit scary, but fortunately nothing happened to us or anyone else there in the campground.  Even though we were scheduled for our computer close in Baton Rouge, we knew we were not going to leave unless the storm abated, since we didn't want to be driving over any of the bridges we would have to cross with the wind so high.  Thankfully, around 9:00 it began to let up and I was able to get us all unhooked without getting soaked. Then, after just a little while on the road it cleared up and it's been a beautiful day since.

En route to Baton Rouge we pulled into a truck stop parking lot to eat lunch--still get excited about the fact that we can just pull over anywhere and fix our lunch, use the bathroom and never get out of the RV!  Well, as we were eating lunch, a car pulled up and a man got out with his camera and just started taking pictures of our RV--what a hoot!

We made it to Baton Rouge for our computer training on time and sure learned a lot about how to use this new laptop.  Of course, it all seemed so easy when this kid was showing us, with his fingers flying all over the keyboard with lightning speed--the trick now is trying to remember all he told us!  But it's a start and he gave us some suggestions on other more specific training sessions to schedule down the road when we're close to another Apple store.

Since we're headed toward Texas, we picked a place west of Baton Rouge to spend tonight--it's near Lafayette, called Poche's Fish n Camp, and is a series of manmade fishing ponds with sites along the banks of all of the ponds.  We don't plan to stay here but just overnight, and head on toward Texas, but it's a very pleasant and quiet, peaceful place to be.  Far from any highway, no crowds, nice level concrete pads, all on the banks of a pond.  As soon as we got settled in and hooked up I rode my bike for about an hour--just doing laps around the campground and all the ponds, but it's all flat and so pretty.  Then, after supper we sat out by the pond outside our site, while Trisha knitted and I took some pics across the pond.  We met the nice couple near us who are from Texas, and they gave us some good recommendations of places to go and see in their state.  So, here are some pics from the campground:

The carouse, parked by the pond, Trisha knitting in the background.
After the bike ride.
 Above and below:  pretty cool setting for Trisha to do some knitting!
Group of RVs across the pond, all members of a camping club, who go to different places together.

 Above and below:  some turtles sunning themselves on some rocks out in the pond.
As the day draws to a close, what a wonderful view outside our View!  Nighty night!

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