Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Bikes

Ran out of gas last night before I got to the pictures, but here are our new geezercycles!
Here we are out on a boardwalk path on the dunes by the Estuarium--Trisha's excited smile is 'cause she was thrilled that the bike shop had a pink one for her!
 Note the stylish color coordination between bike and shoelaces!
 Alas, no red bikes available for Santa, so he settled for the Silver Streak!
Sunset by the Estuarium.


  1. I love the geezercycles! They look like exactly what you need!

  2. Mary and I got new red bikes a few years ago but not such complex ones as yours. We got beach gears, no hand brakes...but there's no hills where we live. Have fun and ride safely. Wear helmets!!


  3. Love all the photos you took! We so enjoyed having you visit - sorry about the goathead. :-)