Monday, May 6, 2013

A day of errands--plus a great ride!

Well, folks, not much excitement today--just running some errands, getting a few needed items, minor repairs in the kitchen.  Hit a bump yesterday and the big drawer that holds the pots and pans came open and apparently one of the drawer slides got catawhumpus.  So went to a cabinet maker and got that fixed.  The pantry door had been coming open lately, too, and I thought the hinges just needed to be adjusted.  But he showed me where the dry, no humidity weather here had basically caused the door to warp a little.  Don't know if it will come back once we get to more humid climes, but I had fashioned a fix with a hook and eye, and that's keeping it shut just fine.

Caught up on some correspondence and then stopped by REI.  I had found a good pair of biking shorts there the other day, but had decided I also needed to upgrade the saddle on the bike.  So they fixed me up, made some other fine tuning adjustments and I went out for a 20-25 mile ride late in the afternoon.  Had thought I would explore some of the trails out near the Sandia Peak Tram, but the trails there seemed to be totally out in the sun, and a bit closer to a main drag.  So, like always ordering the same thing when you go to your favorite restaurant, I went back to the Paseo del Bosque, the magnificent river trail by the Rio Grande, which has become my favorite place to ride in ABQ.  The day's heat had subsided, some cool breezes blowing, and I had a blast!  Rode for two hours straight, and without sharing the rather intimate details, suffice it to say that with the biking shorts and the new saddle, I was a great deal more comfortable!!

So I finished my ride around 6:30, and was quite hungry, so decided to check out this vegetarian cafe I had seen and read about.  It's called Anapurna World Vegetarian Cafe, owned and operated by an Indian Hindu woman, and it was just super!  Had all sorts of exotic veggies and spices--heavy on the spices, but it was delicious.  So, I'm happily tired from the bike workout, pleased that I've gotten these things done on the carhouse, and excited that Trisha is getting back tomorrow night--woohoo!!
Santa is a happy man!  No pictures today, and it's gonna be an early to bed evening for me.  Think I'll do some hiking tomorrow!

Sleep tight all!

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