Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Antelope Canyon Pictures

Here at the campground at Bryce Canyon National Park, and they have a great wifi connection, so I can now post the pictures from our spectacular visit to Antelope Canyon:

Leaving Zion, another view of one of the galleries--the holes they blasted to take out the debris from building the tunnel road

Scenes on the road en route to Page, AZ, Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell

 Seeing some more green colors in the rocks

 Approaching Lake Powell

Some of my first shots as we enter Antelope--this is a relatively small section of Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon, so named because it's just a narrow slot, not big, wide open like the Grand Canyon.  As we were riding in the open air benches in the back of this big pickup from Page to the canyon, it was quite dark and overcast, and we were thinking there was no way we were going to get any good pictures--wrong!

 Our Navajo guide, Patrick--born and raised on the Navajo reservation here.  He was so helpful, pointing out exactly where to stand and how to set your camera and how to hold it for the best photos

 Doesn't this look just like a great shaft of molten fire is being poured down the hole?
 Trisha, riding the "waves!"

 They call this particular view the candlestick--you'll get a better idea why when you look at the second photo below!
 Isn't this just a hoot??  Patrick told each of us exactly where to stand, how to hold his flashlight (it was turned off) and he took the photo with our camera!  Maybe more like the Olympic torch, yes?

Just no words for these!

 The next two are of a tree trunk that was washed into the canyon in 2005 when this part of the canyon flooded--gives you an indication of how high the water level reached--glad I wasn't in the canyon when all that water came rushing in!

 Patrick threw some of the sand from the canyon floor up onto this rock so it then came cascading down, for this beautiful effect.  Several places along the walk through the canyon, sad was literally raining down on us, as a result of the wind blowing above us and whipping up sand to fall into the canyon from up top.

 Looking out the other end of the canyon slot from where we came in

 The entrance to this part of the canyon
All pretty downright amazing, huh?  I'd seen many many pictures taken inside this canyon over the years.  We had not originally planned to go here, but several weeks ago Shelley had seen online one of those 20 places you need to visit around the world before it all ends kind of lists, and Antelope Canyon was on it.  Since we knew we would be close we decided to come, and boy, are we glad we did!

Spent today on a boat tour of Lake Powell, but right now, just about to fall asleep, so I'll post about today's adventures in the morning, before we head into Bryce for some hiking.

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