Monday, May 13, 2013

Grand Canyon, Day 2--Biking and Sunset

This morning we left the campground in Williams to move up to the South Rim.  It was a much warmer  day today than yesterday, and indeed, got a bit hot at midday.  Rode our bikes along the rim trail and greenway from the Visitors Center east to the Kaibab Trailhead, then back to the Visitors Center.  It was pretty hard to wrap my head around the fact that we were riding our bikes right on the edge of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon! Some terrific views and we really enjoyed it, though it was becoming more and more crowded on the return trip, and in some spots, there were so many people we really had to dodge folks.  Since the only other bike trail where you're in sight of the rim is toward the other end, and where we had gone on the bus tour yesterday, we decided to put the bikes up and have lunch.

After lunch we walked the Rim Trail to Yavapai Point, where they have the Geology Museum, with some very interesting and informative displays of the 3 different groupings of the layers of rock in the canyon--this canyon has been around for a while--the museum says it was formed over 1,840 million years ago!!  Isn't that incredible?  Anyway it was nice to see these displays and learn some more about this remarkable place.

After that came to our campsite to do a little snoozin'--nothing like an afternoon nap under the shade of the trees in the recliner chair!  Trisha got to start Mother's Day talking to Jeremy in Cambodia, then in the afternoon got to talk to Shelley and then Todd and grandson John--they were busy exchanging wishes--Happy Mother's Day Yaya and Happy Birthday John!  So it was a great day on that score.

After supper we went to Mather Point to watch the sunset, and it was just amazing; unbelievably beautiful.  I know most folks have probably seen a gazillion pictures of sunset in the Grand Canyon, but when you actually experience it for the first time in real life for yourself, it's just awesome.  Running out of adjectives, but it just is amazing.  So here are some pics of our bike ride this morning, our walk to the museum this afternoon, and tonight's sunset.  Not gonna put any comments on the pics tonight, 'cause there just aren't words to describe it all:

Ain't that just sumpin else??????

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