Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pictures from Drive to Taos

Here are the pics from the drive to Taos yesterday:

Here's the office at Mom & Pop's RV Park--Pop makes all these figurines

You know how much I enjoyed this guy!

Some shots of his extensive model train set up, on the display board outside his office--no trains running, but he made all of these things
 A herd of buffalo!
 And of cattle

 Lots of cowboys
 Even in New Mexico, folks have heard of Rock City!
 And, of course, someone's getting married
 Some problems with the roof of the German restaurant/hotel
 This was a hoot--this outhouse was right behind the church
 Thought this sign was a riot!
A lovely little lake along the road, where we stopped to eat lunch

 Starting to see much more green as we go farther--quite a change from the red sand and arid land we've been in for the last couple of weeks

 Approaching the mountains we're about to cross in Kit Carson National Forest--interesting sidebar:  there's so much about Kit Carson being the hero, largely for "quelling a Navajo uprising,"  but when we were on our tour in Canyon DeChelly, led by the Navajo woman, she had a very different take on Kit Carson--suffice it to say, Navajos don't hold him in such high esteem!

 What do we have here??  A herd of sheep on the highway!!

 You can see the Coke can on the road where this cowgirl had tossed it, the rattle of the stones inside spurs the little woolies to start running and move a little faster.

 It was really interesting to see the sheep dogs work, when a sheep would get too far away, the dog would race over and herd it back to the flock.

 "Hey wait a minute--I'm a llama!  Did I go through the wrong door??"  Don't know why there was a lone llama with the sheep!

 The brighter green of the aspens among the evergreens

These next shots are of these rather unusual houses just outside Taos

 Looking down into the gorge from the bridge
Sunset at our campground--just glorious!