Monday, August 26, 2013

Grand Teton National Park, Day 2

On Wednesday, August 21, our second day in the park, we drove from the campground to a place where we could park the RV along the bike path route, and then rode our bikes to Jenny Lake.  This bike path is just a fabulous addition to the park, nicely paved and completely separated from vehicular traffic.  It's a great way to see the park, too, as even though we enjoyed the scenic loop drive in the RV, just being outside on the path is really super.  The fresh air, you feel so much closer to the mountains, and just being able to luxuriate in all this incredible natural beauty is just a real high!  We rode for several miles to Jenny Lake, and then took the boat across the lake to the trail to Hidden Falls.  It was a relatively short hike to the falls, but it was very pretty and we really enjoyed it.  Then, rather than take the boat, we hiked the trail around the lake back to the Jenny Lake visitor center, where we had left our bikes.  Some spectacular views as the trail took us up and down as we circled the lake, with many lovely viewpoints along the way where we could get different perspectives on the lake and the surrounding mountains.  When we got back and started our bike ride back to the RV, it began to cloud up and even sprinkled a little bit of rain, but fortunately no real rain.  But there was a pretty significant headwind we rode into all the way back--great way to test out some lower gears on the bikes!  That night we stayed at another campground, this one at Colter Bay, really nice campground!

Heading out of Gros Ventre campground to the place where we parked the RV for our bike ride, just can't get enough of these gorgeous views of the Tetons and the valley!

 So cool to see airplanes coming down into the valley with the mountains behind them!

 On the boat across Lake Jenny

 The boat dock as we're heading up to Hidden Falls

 On the trail to Hidden Falls

 When we got to the point in the trail where we could see the falls, we could look farther up the mountain and see these folks, learning how to rock climb
 Inspiration Point
 Various shots of Lake Jenny as we hiked the trail around the lake back to the visitor center

 "Thank you God for this incredible adventure!"
 Beautiful orange berries, not sure what kind they are

 One of the boats heading back from the Hidden Falls dock to the visitor center dock
 First shot you can barely make out some canoers, second shot is with zoom

 The lake, the valley, the mountains--just gorgeous!

 Is this a happy camper or what??!!

 Passing a small pond among the aspens on our way down to the visitor center

 The trail along the lake
 Loved this view with the clouds surrounding the top of the mountain

 This stump of a tree was either struck and fell over about 3 feet off the ground, or something, but what was so cool is that the stump below the break gave new life to a perfect Christmas tree!!

 After our bike ride back to the RV, driving to Colter Bay Campground

 Another super fabulous fantastic day in the Tetons coming to an end!


  1. Your photos are so beautiful and your smiles so happy!

    1. Thanks, Genie! Our smiles are happy 'cause we're having the time of our lives!!