Saturday, June 7, 2014

Camp Red Bay

Well folks, we had a bit of a hiccup yesterday, resulting in a slight change of plans for our journey.  As we were coming into Memphis we hit an especially ferocious rainstorm and a bit of the rainstorm decided to make its way into the RV and give me a little love tap on the shoulder.  So, remembering that this is Volume II of the No Hurries, No Worries Tour, we realized that this gives us the opportunity to visit the Tiffin manufacturing facility in Red Bay, Alabama, which we've always wanted to do since we first started looking at Class A motorhomes.  So we drove over here from Memphis today, just about 150 miles and have checked into Camp Red Bay, the campground they have for folks coming for service.  We'll talk to the service guy Monday morning to see what he says, but a couple of folks have responded to my post on the Tiffin owners site with some observations suggesting that this may be a relatively simple and quick adjustment.  So keep your fingers crossed for that!  But this also gives us a chance to check out a couple more warranty items and talk to the service tech to learn a little more about the new rig, which will be a great thing.  Also, we will have the chance to talk to some other folks with similar rigs here, who are always a great source of tips and suggestions.

And, several folks have mentioned the not to be missed Coon Dog Cemetery here, so we're excited to have the chance to see that!!  We'll be sure to post pictures.  We'll see what other sights we can take in tomorrow as well.

We found a lovely campground last night in West Memphis, Arkansas, right on the Mighty Mississippi, and after the rain stopped we enjoyed a great view of the river, with tugboats pushing huge strings of barges upriver.  And Sophie loved being back in an RV park, where there are always lots of new canine friends to meet.  She's the most social little animal--as soon as she sees a dog or a person nearby, she just wants to rush over to meet and greet--such a joy she is.  And she loves the little doggie window where she can always look out!

Here are a few pics from the banks of the Mississippi:

As we're approaching the river from the Tennessee side
 Not sure what this is, but it looked quite interesting!
 Heading over the bridge

 Crossing the line into Arkansas as we cross over the river
 The road leading into the campground
 As we approached the entrance to the campground, I had the feeling we were in a Faulkner novel!
 Incredible to see this marker of where the river crested in 2011--the whole campground was obviously under water!
 Tugboat pushing a string of barges upriver
 The long line of barges
 Sunset over the Mississippi

 Sophie watching out the door for me to come back from taking the sunset photos

 A little walk after supper!

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