Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Carhouse

Well, folks, as I'm now just about caught up with what's been going on with Santa and Mrs. Claus through the month of May, I thought I'd introduce in the blog our new carhouse.  While we loved traveling in our View during our trip last year, the fact that it didn't have a permanent bed began to have an effect on us--making up the sofa into the bed every night and reversing the process the next morning did get a bit tedious toward the end.  Then, as we spent 2 1/2 months in Sarasota this winter, the most phenomenal thing happened:  the View began to shrink!  We couldn't believe it, but before our very eyes, it just began to get a little smaller each day--don't know whether when I washed it and put it in the dryer I set the temperature too high or what, but darned if it just flat out got a little smaller!  Then, as we reflected on the fact that last year we spent more time in the RV than in our home, and were making plans to do the same for this year, we realized that we just needed a bit more room, but most importantly, a bona fide bed.  So began the process of reevaluation of our needs--realizing that last year's trip taught us that we definitely love this RV lifestyle, and plan to continue it for as long as our health is good and our interest remains high.  And with so much more of the country to see and explore, we know we'll be spending at least 6 months or more each year in it, it just began to make sense to look at a Class A.  So, after much research, talking to folks we met who've done this, we pulled the trigger and traded in the View for a 33 ft. class A.  It was not an easy decision, since we just loved Happy Times Two, but we're happy with the new RV and are anxious to hit the road in it in just a couple of days.  We will be towing a vehicle now, so we traded in Jeremy's car for a 2008 Honda CR V for the toad, and he will be able to drive that when he's back in the states.    At first, I'll admit that I was a bit apprehensive about driving the bigger rig, but each time we test drove different models, it became easier and easier and I became more comfortable.  And, while Trisha was back in Sarasota with the Beach Girls for their 29th Annual Girls Getaway, I went to Alabama and took a two day RV driving school, which was invaluable.  Learned lots about how to handle the bigger rig, markers to help me know where I was in the lane, where I needed to be in turns, etc., and importantly, how to back into campsites.  My instructor has driven 18 wheelers professionally and worked for the manufacturer of our rig for several years.  He was very good and I came away with much more confidence about handling the rig.  So we're in the process of loading everything onto the new home away from home and getting all set up to leave in a couple of days--can't wait!!

Longtime readers may remember how the View got its name--we as a family had once enjoyed many years of camping on Lake Alatoona in our ski boat, which we had named Happy Times.  Once we bought the View, Trisha and I thought it appropriate to call it Happy Times II, and got the tag reading "HAPPYX2," signifying not only the new iteration of the original, but representing all the happy times the two of us knew we were going to have.  Well, when I told our RVing friend, Lynne, of Winnie Views, about the new rig, she immediately said this needed to be Happy Times Three--seemed quite appropriate, no?  Well, when I went to get the tag, HAPPYX3 was already taken, so I just transferred the HAPPYX2 tag to the new rig.  So, we'll just say that this is now Happy Times Two in reincarnated form!  Anyway, here are a few pics:

Parked in our drive, bedroom slide out in the rear

 Living room slide out
 We really like a bench dinette, since it will fold down into an extra bed
 The sofa also pulls out into a full size sleeper
 With a bigger fridge, it will be nice to have a bit more room for more fresh veggies and fruit!
 Looking into the bedroom, with the shower on the right, coat closets behind the mirrors

 Main wardrobe
 Vanity room across from shower

 Our "toad."


  1. Awesome, however, I ain't going to wash and wax this one!!

  2. Congrats on the new rig! We went the other way-from real big to small. Luckily, it still works for us. Have fun in the new rig:)

  3. Chuck--not sure I ever knew what kind of rig y'all drive--is it a View? We'll see how this goes, but so far it's really nice to have a real bed! Whatever works is fine--just glad you're still out there on the road!

  4. Congratulations! So, wait, this is HAPPYX2 2.0? Haha! It's too bad bad somebody else got to HAPPYX3 first, but at least it is like you're still taking the memories from The View with you in its reincarnated form. Let's see if this version of HAPPYX2 serves you well too; it certainly looks great. Too great, in fact, as it looks like a real house! And you're right, a bed is pretty much a necessity. Have fun on your RV road trip!

    Marion Goodwin @ Johnson RV