Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pictures from Leaving Grand Teton National Park

Okay, I was able to get an appointment for the Genius Bar at the Apple store in Seattle and the guy I worked with proved true to his name--he fixed the problem with the Photos app, so I'm now able to import pics from the camera.  So, here are some pics that go along with my previous post about leaving Grand Teton National Park:

A few shots of the gorgeous Tetons as we drive back through, on our way out.

Here's the grizzly bear, feasting on a deer.  Don't know if the bear actually killed it, or if perhaps the deer may have been struck on the road by a vehicle and just limped into the woods and the bear caught up with it.

We stopped at a pullout shortly after seeing the bear--when Sophie started going nuts, whimpering and barking, apparently due to the unusual-to-her scent of the bear; as we walked her around, we found this footprint in the dirt
 Some of the wildflowers by the pullout

My girls!

Bye-bye Tetons!
 Santa in profile, set against the Tetons

 Approaching Yellowstone
 In some of these next shots, you  can see both some of the remnants of the big fire from 1988, as well as the new growth since the fire

 Passing Yellowstone Lake

Approaching some of the geysers

 It's amazing how the geological landscape here is so different from Grand Teton, when they are so close.

 The colors of the steam rising here was quite different though the picture doesn't pick it up--several shades of brown and blue

 The color of the water in the lakes and rivers is just beautiful
 Looks like either an elk or mule deer down by the water's edge

 Fortunately, we were leaving Yellowstone--this is the traffic backed up waiting to enter the Park from the west side!

 Heading toward Butte
 When we looked at this rock formation, we could almost see human faces in the rock--sort like a mini Mt. Rushmore!

 Sunrise from our campsite in Butte, just loved the way the sunlight played across the hills in the distance

 and quickly changed
Every morning Trisha takes some time to write in her journal, but here Sophie decided she wanted some attention, so she just sat right down on her journal!!


  1. Chuck, it always is, but we know we will be back, so that makes it a little easier. So excited for you guys and your Canadian maritime provinces adventure!

  2. Jack, I am having such a wonderful trip. I should send you my gas card.

    Are you going to Seattle? I have read so much I can't remember if that is in your plans?

    I would love to visit when you return to Florida. We live in Lake Mary, easy to drive over to the coast.

    By the way our 50th class reunion in May was awesome. I also enjoyed seeing pictures from your 50th. Oh one question for our memory book. Who was your favorite teacher...........your mother was nominated as a favorite.


    1. Rod, so glad you're enjoying the blog, and we would love to visit when we return to Sarasota next winter. Glad your reunion was good; we certainly had a good time at ours. I'd have to say Ruth Marcos was my favorite teacher. Nice to hear that Mom was a favorite of your class, too.