Saturday, July 11, 2015

Some pics from Ft. Nelson

 Some shots on the way to Ft. Nelson
 Huge stacks of logs at a mill
 The scenery is just so spectacular!

 Looking down on this bridge, with the red and white pipeline crossing the river nearby

 This is the place famous for blueberry pancakes, ordinarily closed on Sunday, but Chuck, the wagonmaster, got them to open up for us
 Our group really enjoyed it!

 Jack Stuart, a real card, showing off some of the "small" cookies they had for sale!
 and Don is showing this tiny piece of toast!

 On the road again, after breakfast
 Often we were led through construction by a pilot car

 Some of the trailer camps for the road construction workers--one thing we noticed that's very different from road construction crews in the US--we're used to seeing all the women on the crew just being the ones to hold the Slow or Stop signs, but here we saw many women who were operating the heavy equipment--you go girls!!

 Here we are, the Santa twins!  My new friend, Santa Don, from Vancouver Island!

At the restaurant at the RV park in Ft. Nelson

The wagon we rode on around town

 Santa trying to drive the horses--not so easy!
 A museum of some of the equipment used to build the highway during the war

 This precious little girl and her mother who were on the wagon ride with us
 So far, the only bighorn sheep we've seen!!

 All these are big highway construction machines, and some of the living quarters.

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