Saturday, July 11, 2015

Some pics from Muncho Lake

 On the drive from Ft. Nelson to Muncho Lake

 Just beautiful!

 As you can see, sometimes the Alcan Highway can be a challenge!
 Here comes a woman driving this dozer!
 This is how muddy it was along the way--our vehicles were covered!

 Chuck had told us about Tesla River Services, THE place to stop for the cinnamon buns, and as we got close, we saw a sign that read "Cinnamon bun capital of the galactic cluster!"  They were not far off, either, as they were HUGE!  Here's Ken and Kathy's rig as we lined up
 With Don and Carolyn, walking to get our cinnamon buns

 Here's the rather unimposing little storefront
 and the cinnamon bun--the picture really doesn't give the dimensions, but it's about 4 inches thick!

 All of the pictures of scenery along the drives were done by Trisha--and she has captured some spectacular shots!!

 A young moose
 Water everywhere--so lovely to see the reflections in the water!

 Some of these bridges were pretty narrow--fortunately we didn't encounter any big trucks meeting us when we crossed!

 More aspens!

We stopped at the Toad River Lodge, famous for its collection of nearly 7000 hats, all stapled up on the walls and ceiling.  Quite a collection!

Kinda brought chills to my spine to see this Army drill sergeant's hat--reminded me too much of my army days with Sgt. Steele!

Recognize that musher with her dog sled??
How 'bout with this close up??
And one of her sled dogs!!

Pretty flowers by the mural

And the Toad River International Airport across the highway!!
There's the terminal!
And the runway
Didn't Trisha take some absolutely fabulous shots??!!

Drove along the Toad River for a while--see Todd's beautiful knitting bowl on the dash?

I know a lot of these pictures may seem similar, but I tell you, when you're driving, every time you round a curve, it seems so different--and all just absolutely beautiful!

Gee, I wonder why they call this range the Sawtooth Mountains!

Now getting close to Muncho Lake, where we stayed for a couple of nights
the lake is big and beautiful, and runs for quite a ways along the valley floor

Here are the Folded Mountains--pretty unusual, huh?  Trisha did just a marvelous job with these pictures!!
And our first caribou sighting--and of course this was near and dear to Santa's heart, as the North American caribou is basically what reindeer are; some say that reindeer are domesticated caribou.  Anyway, this was a particularly spectacular sight

All the animals often come to the roads to lick the salt from the pavement

We were parked at this wildlife viewing area when we saw the caribou

Blitzen saying, "Howdy, Santa!"
Beautiful Muncho Lake, at our RV campground

Float plane coming in for a landing on the lake
Look at this rainstorm coming up the lake!

Mary Ellen and Glenn with their doggies.

Our hamburger cookout by the staff, right down near the lake

Kathy chatting with Harlan, as Lorrin and Chuck grill the burgers--they were so accommodating to grill our veggie burgers, too, and were so sweet to ask us when we thought they were done, since they had never done veggie burgers before!
Paul and Lin, who live in Venice, just down the road from Sarasota--we're gonna have so many of our caravaners not too far away when we go back to Sarasota next winter.  Lin was born in Taiwan, and her full name is Moonlit, which I think is just a beautiful name.  They are a really sweet couple and she is so quick on the draw with her sense of humor:  the other day when we met them coming out of a historic roadhouse, Lin asked Trisha if she liked what she found in there.  Trisha said she enjoyed the interesting old furniture, since she loves old antiques.  Lin quickly said, "That's why you like Jack, huh?''

Larry and Sharon, from Tampa, fellow Tiffin Motorhomes.  Larry graduated from the Naval Academy and they also RV with a group of fellow Annapolis grads.  They are the ones who have a yellow lab and a golden retriever--Sharon's become Aunt Sharon to Sophie, since she wants a little lapdog so much, she loves to hold Sophie!
Chuck, our wagonmaster, giving us the rundown for the next travel day
Sophie, waiting patiently on the dash of the coach for us to come back from the cookout
The rain storm passed, and the evening is very peaceful by the lake

But then the rain came back
as we were sitting by the lake, and chased us back to the coach
The next night it was clear and Sophie and Daisy had fun chasing the balls Maynard threw

Driving to Liard Hot springs from the next day from Muncho Lake

Here's Mr. Buffalo enjoying a morning meal as we passed
The wetlands along the boardwalk to the springs

Here we are with Dee and Ray, getting ready to take the plunge into the hot springs

Isn't this natural setting just gorgeous?
Ray and Dee

Those hot springs can really heat things up!!

For us, too!!
You can see how flushed that kiss made Santa!! HO!HO!HO! and woohoo!!

these gates were not really closed, but we thought it would make a good picture.
Julie, Lee, Randi and Randy, taking the plunge!

That evening's potluck, which Dee got started
Maynard and Daisy, Sophies new BFF
Bob on the left, and Paul on the right
On the morning as we were preparing to leave Muncho Lake

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