Saturday, July 11, 2015

Some Pics from Teslin, Yukon

Some shots on the drive from Watson Lake to Teslin

 Lovely wildflowers along the highway
 Drove along with Larry and Sharon for a while this day

 Some more rock signs along the roadside

 Here are several shots of the gorgeous fireweed we saw so much of--just so pretty!

 The sky and cloud patterns were just spectacular!

 Larry and Santa on one of our safety stops, to stretch our legs and check our rigs.  Trying to decide if this was a sheep or just a rock way up the mountain--alas, just a rock!!

 Beginning to see some more snow and parts of glaciers on the mountain upper elevations

 Now lots of yellows in the wildflowers

 and some Dwarf dogwood

 We all stopped along the way to hike out to Rancheria Falls

 They had this nice boardwalk, where Sophie shucked off her usual reluctance to walk on bridges, since she knew Daisy was up ahead!

 Here's Daisy, Maddie in her stroller, and Sophie, all happy doggies
 The falls

 The water was so clear, you could see the rocks easily

 Aunt Sharon took this picture, then carried Sophie back to the coach

 Some pics of the Cassiar Mountains, as we neared the Continental Divide

 Simpson Peak

 Nisutlin River Bridge, longest bridge on the Alcan, nearly 200 ft. long, as we came into Teslin

 It was pretty cold when we got our rigs set up for the night, so Maynard and Emma dressed Daisy up in her pink long johns--Sophie was quite envious!!

 As you can see, Sophie's sweater from last year is getting a little small!

 Larry walking Sammi, she has to wear socks to keep from scratching some sensitive skin
 A cute cabin at the end of the RV park, down by the water

 Trisha, bearrrlly able to contain her excitement to get this bear hug!
 Going to this little museum and gift shop

 Trisha found this "bear-a-rina" outfit, actually a little onesie, for Sophie--note the pink tutu!!

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