Saturday, July 11, 2015

Some pics from Watson Lake

On the drive from Muncho Lake, BC to Watson Lake, Yukon

 Here you can see the smoke from the wildfires--you could really smell it, too

 The chalky hue in the river is from the build up of volcanic ash in the rivers

 The RVer's biggest fear while driving the Alcan--a mighty 18 wheeler barreling down toward you on the stretches with loose gravel and torn up roads--just waiting to blast you with high powered rocks flying toward your windshield!  Fortunately we escaped with no damage, but a few rigs in our group have had cracks from this

 Evidence of past fires

 Liard River

 A small buffalo herd, here a mama with her newborn calf
 Don't you think this looks more like a regular cow's calf?  Doesn't look much like the adult buffalo it will become
 like these guys

 These animals are huge, and though they seem ponderous, they can run really fast for short bursts, which is why some idiots in Yellowstone who ignored all the warnings not to leave your vehicle got injured when they got out and kept walking closer to some buffalo, to get just the perfect picture, and wound up seriously hurt when the buffalo charged.  Especially now, when mamas have young calves to protect, it's so crazy to see people doing this.  Some were here, as well, but soon we saw a truck with flashing lights speeding up to them, apparently rangers telling the crazy people to get back into their vehicles.

 Coming into Watson Lake

 The Signpost Forest, but just a small section
 Thousands of signs!

 Kathy and Ken putting up their sign

 And here we are with our Cherry Log sign--hard to find an open spot, so as not to cover up anyone's sign already there

 Our group sign

 Larry Weaver putting up their sign
 Took a picture of Chuck's wife, Sally, taking our group photo
 Lots of German signs
 And this one, obviously posted by a Marine--almost said "former" Marine, but then remembered, as my father, who was a Marine in WWII  said, there's no such thing as a former Marine!!  Semper Fi!
 We found this sign for Washburn, Wisconsin, home of our friend Mary Ross, and her Lake Superior Stone Drifting Jewelry
 We went to the Northern Lights Centre--took a picture of this picture--stunning, huh?  Wish we could see this on our trip, but we're likely too early to be able to see it.

 Walking Sophie in the RV park that evening
 here comes Julie, with little Maddie in her stroller, and Randi, with Sugar and Coco
 The next morning, here is that awesome dude from Manchester, England, who's riding this bike from Toronto to Anchorage, to Mexico, to Key West and back up to the Canadian Atlantic Maritimes and then back to Toronto--a true Ironman!!  He had been on the road a little over 2 months at this point and expected his whole trip to take 9 months.  Note the third wheel, to carry extra panniers
 The Northern Lights Centre, as we passed it on the way out of town
 Passing the Signpost Forest on our way out of town

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