Saturday, August 1, 2015

Anchorage to Seward

Been a while since we've had enough internet speed to get pictures up, so I'll try to catch up here on the last 10 days or so.  Left Anchorage for Seward on July 21, and it was a typically beautiful day for a drive along the Cook's Inlet--gorgeous sunshine at one point, then overcast soon after, then back again to sunshine.  We've come to realize that the weather is so unpredictable and changeable, that it's difficult to rely on any forecast you may see on the computer!

Here we were approaching Beluga Point on Cook Inlet, near Turnagain Arm--though a couple folks in our caravan saw a pod of beluga whales, we didn't see any.
What we did see, however, on the other side of the road, just up a hill, were about 6 0r 7 female Dall sheep!  Though we had seen some through telescopes way up high, this was our first sighting so close.  Beautiful animals!

Looking out over some marshlands--love the variegated shades of green!
Hazy and somewhat overcast for these shots across the inlet, but love the mountains with snow and glaciers you can see

Just spectacular, just spectacular.
We had mistakenly hit a wrong button on the camera and it was messing up some of the colors, but hopefully you can get some of what the view was like

Glaciers every where you look!

Outside the Portage Glacier visitor center
They held a contest to determine what Alaska's flag would be and the design selected was by a young man named Benny Benson, with gold stars on a blue field, one star representing the North Star and the others the Big Dipper; below is the Flag Song
Looking out the windows of the visitor center toward the glacier

All these replicas of sockeye salmon!
This area dropped 6 feet during Earthquake of 1964 killing all the Sitka Spruce in this area on the Kenai Peninsula
And, of course lots of fireweed--just can't get enough of the carpets of pink all around!!

We stopped for lunch at a pull out with a view of this small lake, and some cabins up above the lake--killer views, but they're certainly out there in isolation!

A great place to stop for lunch!

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