Friday, September 18, 2015

A few supplemental pics en route to Mendocino

For some reason, when I tried to import the pictures we took on the drive from Crater Lake to Mendocino, several of them didn't make it to the computer.  Loved the scenery on the way out of Oregon and into California, so wanted to share these:

Coming through the Umpqua National Forest, where we stopped along the way, near where we saw the folks fly fishing, Trisha had the camera so she got some great colors in these shots.

 Leaves are turning!
 I was sitting in the RV while Trisha stepped out to take some pics and she thought this one was a hoot, as I was checking emails on my phone!

 Got this pic of a lumber yard, along with this reminder!!

 Love the colors

 Here we are coming into California
 We always love tunnels, and, in honor of Trisha's Dad, Pit Lyons, we always honk the horn when we go through a tunnel, just as he did!
 There's a light at the end of this tunnel!!
 We were moving too fast to get many pictures to really show the vastness of this encampment, but just a glimpse of the firefighters base camp in California

 The drive through these huge redwoods is just spectacular!

 Here you can get just a little perspective of just how big these trees are when you see the cars beside them.

 Now getting along the coast

 And here's Paul Bunyon with his Blue Ox
 On the drive between Ft. Bragg and Mendocino we passed these gorgeous eucalyptus trees

 And a few more redwoods

 This beautiful Steller bluebird near our campsite at Pomo Campground

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