Thursday, September 10, 2015

Prince George to Seattle

On our very last morning with our fellow caravaners, we said our goodbyes and hit the road.  We basically backtracked on the route we had taken with the caravan when we first started from Anacortes, since we were going to take our grandson out to San Juan Island for a week.  But since it's about a 3 hour drive from Anacortes to where they live, south of the Seattle airport, we knew we had to make some time.  So we booked it past Cache Creek, where we had stopped on the first night of the caravan, and made it to Hope, BC.  We made good time the next day as well, and made it back to Anacortes, where we parked the RV in a city campground and just drove the tow car back to Todd's house.  Since we were just going to spend that one night and then have to be back in Anacortes the next morning to catch the ferry over to San Juan Island, it just made more sense not to have to drive the RV through the morning traffic--good decision, as Monday morning rush hour through downtown Seattle is no picnic!

Anyway, in the interest of catching up with the blog, I'll slack off on the narrative and just comment on some of these pictures:

Remember these?  Lovely petunias along the sidewalks of the small BC town of Hixon that we came through on the way up.

Some more fall colors that weren't here when we drove up two months earlier!

the beautiful visitor center in Williams Lake, with all the huge log columns and beams

Place where we stopped for lunch at a pull out; storyboard about the gold rush days.  Still hard to believe that people came on foot, pushing wheelbarrows full of gear!
Though the gold rush has long since gone, still see the golden hay fields here

Trisha got this great shot of this leafless tree against the mountains and the valley

Amazing what irrigation can do, huh?
Always love to see these interesting churches along the way
Some crops along the way
How cool is this!  Trisha captured the cloud's reflection in this small pond!

Coming back to the area where the railroad runs along the river and there are a series of seven tunnels, near Hope and Yale, BC

A few dall sheep hustling to get across the road

Cute play on the Psycho motel motif--here a small motel near prime fishing territory
Beautiful Fraser River

Another little church

And some more spectacular scenery

Hard to get the true perspective, but tried to show haw far down the road was as it goes into that tunnel below
Train tunnel across the river from the road

Here's a good shot of the railroad line
And here we go a tunneling!

Coming into Hope, BC

I'm always drawn to these big, rounded roof barns, now back across the border into Washington

I just knew this was a dairy farm!

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