Friday, July 22, 2016

Another East of Aspen Trail Hike

Saturday morning we went to the aptly named Saturday Market once again.  This is a wonderful celebration downtown where they close off several streets and set up booths for lots of farmers market vendors, as well as various arts and crafts vendors.  It's always fun--lots of happy folks out with their families, babies in strollers, dogs, everyone having a good time.  At one point we were passing a little boy who was on his small bicycle with training wheels, slowly pedaling through the crowd, with his dad at his side.  When his dad saw us he exclaimed to his son "Hey Remy, look, it's Santa on Vacation!" and then told us he had seen our picture on Facebook posted by a friend a couple days before.  What a hoot!  So we had a nice little visit with little Remy before going on to find some fabulous produce.  We got some of the best tomatoes we've had in a while, along with lots of other goodies.

That afternoon we had planned on going on a long bike ride, but Ken, his son, Jack, and a high school and college friend of Jack's who was visiting were taking a long ride up to Maroon Bells.  Jack's friend, Cameron, was going to use Ken's mother's bike, but when they got it out of storage, one tire was dead, so she borrowed Trisha's.  So Trisha and I decided to just go for another hike along the East of Aspen Trail, since we can access it right across the road from the house.  It was a nice hike, and always fun to see how the same places can seem so different each time you go there, depending on the time of day, the lighting of the sun, and the ever changing pattern of blooms--like a teaching I learned when at the Zen Buddhist monastery:  you can never stick your toe into the same river twice!

Some of the wonderful produce at the market!

 This is an Airstream trailer of a potter who parks it at the market every Saturday to showcase her pottery--the inside is all set up as a gallery/shop, quite unique!  A bit hard to see but she has it named "Artstream" emblazoned on the side of the trailer--this one's for you, Art and Kathy Judy!!
 On the East of Aspen Trail, crossing a bridge over the Roaring Fork River where some kids were using this rope swing out over the water--what fun!
 Beautiful blue sky, and lots of different shades of green!

 My favorite hiker, among the aspens--we often bike this trail too

 And always love to see reflections of trees, mountains and clouds in the calm waters in the North Star Nature Preserve, as we crossed this wooden footbridge

 This is a really cool looking house along the trail, nestled among the trees, right on the bank of the river

 These small pinecones caught my eye

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