Trisha's Knitting Wonders!

Since our daughter's birthday was yesterday I can now publish this new page of all the incredible things Trisha has knitted since we left home--I couldn't do it earlier, since one of the things she made was a beautiful cowl for Shelley's birthday.  So now it can be revealed!  Trisha is really a wonderful knitter, but working full time has made it hard for her to do as much as she would like, so now in retirement and on this trip she's been able to spend lots of time making beautiful things.  So here is a gallery of what she's done!

Tutu she made for our nephew's little girl; with leg warmers and a head band complete with a knitted rose to match the one on the tutu's top

 Little Bodhi, sporting the cap she made--unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures of it before she wrapped it up, and this was when we were in Ashville for the wedding in June--Bodhi came to our room, and the only place I could catch him standing still enough to take a picture was when he ran into the bathroom!
 Little shawl for Sophie

 Sophie liked it!

 Grandson, John, modeling the sweater, giving his best tough guy face
 Thank you, Yaya

Baby blanket
 Cowl she made for our daughter
 Trisha's modeling some of the many ways to wear this cowl

 this next series is a real hoot!  Early on in the trip, we had to stop at Camping World in Albuquerque for some service on the RV so Trisha took her knitting into the waiting area to pass the time.  On the way back out to the parking lot, she didn't realize it but a yarn ball had partially fallen out of this knitting bag and kept unwinding all across the pavement!  Look closely and you can see the yarn strung out all across the parking lot!

 Here she is, winding it back up!  Too funny!

Beautiful little baby girl sweater
 Aren't these buttons cute?!

 Another baby blanket

 A shawl she made for herself
 A scarf she made with yarn we found at a shop in Moab, Utah

 Here's a cowl she made for herself, like the one she made for Shelley.  We found this yarn in a lovely little shop in Taos, New Mexico

Here's a beautiful poncho she made for herself with the yarn from her knitting group birthday gift--aren't the colors just beautiful?
And she's still going strong, with more projects to come!  I just love all the gorgeous things she's made, most of them for other folks, so I'm glad she's made a couple things for herself, too.

Here's the gorgeous scarf she knitted for me--it goes so well with this new jacket I got along the way, after my super sized jacket that I initially brought no longer fit.  The color is just perfect to go with this jacket and now I will be just all toasty warm!  It's so soft and just fabulous!  Am I the luckiest guy in the world or what!!

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