Sunday, July 20, 2014

Grand Teton National Park--Colter Bay

Left St. George on July 8 and arrived at Grand Teton National Park on the 10th.  The first couple of nights we stayed at Colter Bay Campground, since they have laundry facilities there and we needed to do some clothes.  We had stayed here a night or so last year, but didn't have the chance to hike in this area of the park.  So we had a good hike here, around Swan Lake and Heron Pond.  We were fortunate to see a couple of swans in the distance, but the pics didn't turn out so well.  While the weather was a bit warm, it was still a great hike and we were glad we got to explore this area of the park.  Ran into a family out on an adventure to celebrate the young mother's completion of her military service, so they were off to camp around much of the same areas we had visited last year.  We were happy to share with them some of our favorite places and answer some questions they had about particular places to see and what not to miss.  Always fun to do that, as we've obtained some of the most useful information from similar sharing encounters with others we've met along the road.  That's one of the things we like most about RVing, that most folks are so nice and willing to give tips and recommendations on particular places to see and which RV parks are good.    Anyway, here are some pics from these hikes and our time in Colter Bay:

Just love all these spectacular wildflowers!

 Heading out from the Colter Bay Visitor Center past the marina, with fields of wildflowers in the foreground
 Just breathtaking as you walk along through the trees, and suddenly you catch a glimpse of the snow covered peaks of the Tetons across the lake--just so beautiful!

 Such beauty!!--The mountains ain't bad either!!

 All these lilypads!!

 the reflections!!

 We just never tire of the spectacular Tetons!

 Trying to catch a pic of the swans, but to no avail--but the shot is still cool, I think!

 We're also fascinated by the interesting forms and shapes of downed trees, the silver sheen of the trunks and branches, the images they conjure up

Just the glory of nature and all God's creation--so incredibly blessed to have the chance to spend this time taking it all in!