Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Few Pictures From Santa Season

After I published the previous post, I realized I forgot to include any pictures from Santa season, so here are a few:

Sorry that these are a bit jumbled up, but for some reason I couldn't get the computer to cooperate.  Anyway, here goes:  First is from Southern Grace Photography shoot, sitting on the back of an antique pickup truck, in a barn at the old apple house

 She is so enthralled with Santa--who wouldn't love this job??!!
 Precious little one week old Addi!
 Santa and Addi taking a little snooze!
 All of Chris and Nichol's kids feeding Santa cookies--yet another perk of this job!!
 This was right after I got Addi to drift back off to sleep
 Visit to special place
 My buddy, Christopher
 Above, the smile from Landon, at Children's Hospital in Atlanta--priceless!!

Below:  At the Gilmer County Public Library Festival of Trees
 Showing Sawyer Santa's singing train watch!
 Picture of a computer screen in Italy--precious little Anneke in the lower left; Mrs. Claus and I used to babysit her mother in Atlanta; her mother married Michaelangelo and they now live in Italy--technology is pretty cool--as you can see, it's snowing at the North Pole behind Santa!
 This is a shot from just recently, at the Pink Pig BBQ Restaurant in Cherry Log--just to show how the enthusiasm for kids seeing Santa is not at all affected by the fact that Santa no longer has the 90 pound belly!!


  1. Looks like you had a real Merry Christmas:)

  2. Absolutely adorable pics, Santa! You were totally in your element, and fun to see that Santa also now Skypes as well!

  3. Thanks, Lynne! A couple of years ago a friend in NC arranged a Skype visit with Santa at the North Pole for his second graders--when I asked if anyone had questions, one little girl said, "Since you're right there, Santa, can we go to the barn and see the reindeer? Had to fall back on my lawyer days and improvise, so I said "Well, you know we could, but it's less than 10days 'til Christmas and the last 10 days they sleep 24/7 so they'll have enough energy to pull the sleigh all around the world. So if we were to wake them up they might not have enough energy to make it to your house." Suddenly she shouted "That's okay, Santa, that's okay, don't wake them up!"