Saturday, August 1, 2015


Had a good drive to Homer, passing some of the volcanoes and mountains along the way.  In Homer we stayed out on the "Homer Spit," a 4.5 mile strip of land that extends out into Kachemak Bay.  Some say this was formed by millennia of sand build up, and others postulate that it was the result of land being pushed there by now receded glaciers.  Either way, it's a natural phenomenon, and they claim that the road out along the spit is the longest road out into the ocean in the world.  Our campground was right on the water, with all our rigs facing the bay--just a spectacular setting!

The first day we were there we went to the farmers market, which was really wonderful--lots of super fresh veggies, and some interesting vendors.  We picked up some fireweed jelly and some other goodies, too--just a very festive day, with lots of locals, young families out for a fun Saturday morning.  Then we went to the visitor center where we saw some great videos about the sea life in this part of Alaska.  Got home for lunch, and Trisha started feeling really sicker--she had started a bad cough, with some aches, the day of the Seward fishing trip, but thought it might pass.  Well it didn't, and she was sick for nearly a week.  So Homer was a tough spell--she didn't get to go on the halibut fishing trip, and we had to pass on several other things we had planned to do there, like go to Katmai National Park to see the bears and kayak in Kachemak Bay.  We got her into see a doctor while there, and she was diagnosed with viral bronchitis.  So the bad news is that it was not bacterial that could be quickly knocked out with antibiotics, but the good news is that the dr. prescribed an inhaler that helped her breathing and she's now well on the mend.  Just will still take a bit of time for her to regain full strength, but pretty close back to her normal, joyful, energetic self.  Whew--she so rarely gets sick, when it does happen it's rough.  So, even though we didn't get to do everything we wanted to do in Homer, this just reinforces that we'll come back again to do some more things!!

On the drive to Homer

 Mt. Iliamna, one of the volcanoes we passed on the way to Homer.  Several days later, the night we arrived in Kenai, this was the epicenter of a 6.32 earthquake!

Driving out past downtown Homer and out onto the Spit

Here are some shots out our front window after we parked--not a bad view, huh??!!

Our row of rigs by the bay!

We could walk down to the beach through this little patch of brush

Sophie's enjoying a special treat that caravaner Julie--Maddie's mom--gave her!

 Bald eagle perched stop a pole in the campground
 Lighthouse at the mainland end of the Spit, as we were driving to the farmer's market
 They had this nice area with tables for folks to enjoy the food that lots of vendors were hawking, like baked goods and numerous varieties of seafood dishes
 At at the visitor center--interesting doors
 An old fishing dory
 This was pretty interesting the way they had the motor mounted, I guess one of the early inboard/outboards!

 Simulated gold around the elevator doors--reminiscent of the Gold Rush Days
 An ancient kayak, wood frame covered with animal skin--the picture depicts native people out on a whale hunt--pretty amazing to think they would hunt these massive animals in such small craft
 Once again, the same unfortunate story of invading foreigners with their greed decimating the population of the animals that the natives had relied upon for food and clothing for ages, plus bringing  previously unknown diseases, which decimated the population of the natives

 Stopped by this cute knitting store, and Trisha found some really nice buttons for future projects
 Just love their beautiful flowers!

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