Saturday, August 1, 2015

Seward, salmon fishing

The next day we went salmon fishing--we gathered at 5:15 AM to carpool to the dock where we met the boat--awfully early, but we had to do that so we could get out to the place where we would fish and get back by noon.  The boat does two trips a day, so they're on a very tight schedule.

Our motley crew, getting ready to get on the boat.
An eagle, perched atop a neighboring boat
Though overcast and drizzly, the harbor scene was still quite beautiful, with all these boats set against the background of the snow covered mountains!
A cruise ship coming in for the day
Stoking up with java on the ride out!
I went outside, as I always love to see all the boats in a harbor anytime we're going out on a boat.

And I was able to catch this shot of a sea otter--these are such adorable creatures, and I love the way they swim on their backs with their hands resting on their chests!

It was a bit chilly here out on the deck, once we cleared the harbor and the captain picked up some speed!
But just look at the scenery!

Sea caves
Now we're catching fish!  One of the deckhands using this club to knock out the fish when they get it into the boat, and then into the lockers.

One of the funniest things that happened was that once when Trisha started dropping her baited line down, one of the birds following the boat went down after it and got hooked.  Everyone was hooting and hollering about her catching a bird, but fortunately this deckhand was able to go down to the platform and get the hook out with no damage to the bird!

Caught this pink salmon--not too big but it was nice to catch one.  Trisha had a silver salmon on her line, but before the deckhand could get it into the net, it broke water and got loose.

Deckhands filleting the fish on the way back to the dock

Later that day, driving along the Homer Spit, and some when we were crossing onto the mainland with the marshes

Trisha did a great job getting the reflections in this one!
Caught sight of some sand hill cranes!

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