Saturday, August 1, 2015

Seward--Exit Glacier

The day after we arrived in Seward, we went for a hike in the National Park to see Exit Glacier.  Pretty cold and rain off and on, but it was a very interesting hike.  If there was ever any doubt about the reality of global warning this hike would definitely remove it.  They have posts with various years, to show where the glacier tip was in that year, and it's just stunning to see how much it has receded.

Ranger Bill, who led our hike, here giving us a little talk before we started.
 Always love to take shots of ferns!

 He was explaining how this bolder was once in a higher location, but was moved by the force of the glacier and deposited here, many thousands of years ago

Exit Glacier got its name because this was the path of descent used by the first mountaineering expedition to hike across the entire Harding Ice Field, in 1968.  Apparently a reporter, following the expedition, mentioned that they would be using this glacier to make their exit from the Icefield and the name stuck
Love the blue ice!

Ranger Bill showing us a moose hair--each hair is hollow, which provides for more insulation and warmth on the moose.

Ranger Bill told us that when he first came here 20 years ago, the glacier's edge was just behind where we were standing!

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