Friday, April 12, 2013

Last Pictures from Dauphin Island

Here are the pics we took yesterday, our last day on Dauphin Island:
Our beautiful, shaded campsite.
Above:  the entrance to the path to the beach from the campground, just past our site.
Below:  Trisha on the beach path (I'm looking back toward the campground), scoping out a pileated woodpecker.

Coming out of the wooded part of the path to the beach, heading across an area where numerous trees were lost in the storms of the last few years.
Next 4 are some of the beautiful wild flowers along the beach path.

Trisha standing on the boardwalk leading over the dunes to the beach, at the turnoff where we go into the bird sanctuary.
Some of the wildflowers along the path into the bird sanctuary; the last of these 3 show magnolia blossoms just about to burst out.

The great blue heron, drawing a bead on breakfast!  Shot from about 30 feet away; wish I had had the camera on video to get the whole scene.
Big burl on one of the many lovely trees--our son Todd would dearly love to have this to turn into a beautiful bowl!
We are just fascinated by the remarkable patterns of the branches of these live oaks.
Not sure what kind of tree this is, but it reminded us of a giant elephant leg!
Picture doesn't really give the full perspective of this burned/hollowed out tree trunk.
Turtle swimming below the observation deck out over the estuary.
Next two:  pine needle covered path and boardwalk path through sanctuary.

Bye bye Dauphin Island Campground!

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