Thursday, April 11, 2013

The third week begins

It's hard to believe we're beginning our third week on the road today!  Wanted to take some more sunset pictures at Dauphin Island last night, but it was quite overcast so not too much to shoot.  Woke up to overcast skies this morning, but we were able to take one last walk through the bird sanctuary--so beautiful there, quiet except for the many different songs of so many different birds.  We did see the great blue heron again by the swampy pond.  When we first spied her, we thought she may be sleeping as she was not standing full upright, but seemed to be in something of a crouch.  But as we watched, we realized she was fishing, stalking her prey, and all of a sudden her long beak shot into the water to bring back a prize morsel.  I got a really good pictue with the zoom, but, alas, posting of pictures will have to wait until tomorrow night.  We're in Davis Bayou Campground in the Gulf Shores National Seashore in Ocean Springs, MS and there is no wifi.  For some reason, I can't seem to figure out how to post pictures in the blog from my ipad, which I'm using now; works like a charm from the Macbook, but we expect to have wifi tomorrow night in Bay St. Louis, so I'll post some pics then.  We got some good shots of some beautiful flowers, and some turtles in one of the ponds, as well as some of the pathway to the beach from the campground.

Had to stop  back by the bike shop in Daphne to get some adjustments made to Trisha's bike, and then we just took our time moseying on down Highway 90 into Mississippi, the 4th state we've been in so far.  Made some stops to stock up on some more fresh veggies and a few other items, and the closer we got to the campground, the worse the sky looked.  This campround is rather small, and tucked away in the national park area, but quite nice.  By the time we got to our site the skies opened up and the rains and the wind came.  Trisha had stopped in at the local post office to mail some cards on our way and heard that the area was under a tornado watch.  So we did our best to select a campsite that offered some trees to block the wind, but just had to wait out the rain before hooking everything up.  Our good friend Sherry Walls grew up in MS and her best friend growng up lives near the park where we are--called her when we got in, and she confirmed that it was best to just stay hunkered down here tonight, and we'll get together tomorrow, when the weather's supposed to be quite nice.  Having retired from her lifelong career, she's a potter now, so we're looking forward to her tips and thoughts on sights to see in the area.

Finally the rain stopped and we were able to get all hooked up no problem.  After supper we took a walk around the campground--only 2 kids here, as most everyone has already had spring break and school is still in session. We were commenting earlier how different it is to be in a campground filled with the laughter of kids, their shrieks of delight upon make some new discovery, and general happy chaos that always surrounds lots of kids.  When we first arrived at the Dauphin Island campground it was the weekend and there were tons of kids there with lots of activity.  The last two or three days have been so quiet, since all school age kids were gone.  While it's nice to have choices of where to stay, we've seen some campgrounds advertise an age minimum, with no kids allowed.  For some that might be nice, but so much of the fun for us is to be around happy kids and families.

So, I think it will be an early to bed kind of evening for us--so I guess if we rise early we should be healthy, wealthy and wise!


  1. Jack I look forward to more pictures. You guys coming to Florida???


    1. Rod, hope to get some more pics up tonight when we hit the next campround with WiFi. We started out in Pensacola Beach, but on this trip don't plan to be back in Florida--we're heading west through Texas and then up to Grand Canyon area. Right now we're thinking we may come to Florida for a couple of months after the first of the year.

    2. Grand Canyon area is where I would like to go. Start in Denver and drive my sister(Dwala) crazy for awhile. She retired there. You know act like we will never leave, etc.

      I guess you know Florida too well. However, if you come to Florida I would love to visit. My daughter lives about 78 miles south of you in Powder Springs, Ga. I have mentioned to Reidun that next time we visit her I would like to go and see you, however, I have to wait until you return home.

      Oh if you need help with your ipad ask a 10 year that is too funny!